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Deposits and Withdrawals

Do you need help to deposit and or withdraw your funds and want to know more about GQFX available funding methods?


GQFX has a good range of funding methods using multiple currencies of which methods are for free. The following are our funding options:

  • Visa Card
  • Mastercard
  • Paypal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Union Pay
  • Debit Card

GQFX does not charge any fees for the following funding methods, Credit of Debit Card deposits will charge 3% fee for other currencies.

To check if GQFX has already received your deposit you may access your Client Area or your trading account with GQFX. You will be able to receive an email notification informing you that your funds has already arrived.

Normal Time Frames are as follows:

  • Visa Card verification is instant
  • Master Card verification is instant
  • Paypal verification is instant
  • Bank Transfer will take 3-4 business days for International Deposits and 1-2 days for Domestic Deposits
  • Union Pay verification is instant
  • Debit Card verification is instant

In the event that your funds hasn't arrived to GQFX and you would like to have information from the accounts team please email to


Status of withdrawal requests are basically displayed in the Withdrawal History page of your Client area. To view your status log in to your account and proceed to Deposits and Click History and look for Withdrawal History.

In the status if you see that it is “Requested” it means that you will need to access your email to approve the requested withdrawal amount.

You will see “Pending” if GQFX has already received your withdrawal request and it is still on process.

  • Requested - an email will be sent to you to confirm that the withdrawal request is already processed.

  • Cancelled - your withdrawal request was cancelled upon your request.

  • Pending - is when your request to withdraw was already received but still on process.

  • Processed - is the time when your withdrawal request has already been processed and funds are being prepared for sending back to you at the expected withdrawal time.

  • Failed - is when the withdrawal request was not able to be processed due to system and legal reasons. For further clarifications you may contact GQFX Support.

Status of requests is displayed in your Withdrawal History of your Client area page. Log in to your Client area and look for the Withdrawal History.

For you to be able to process for a withdrawal you will need to fill out the online withdrawal form generated from your account. This can be found under the Deposit Link of your account.

There are no fees when a withdrawal is done out of instantly verified deposits such as Visa and Mastercard. Paypal normally charges 3% fee from withdrawals above the deposited amount but if it is based on the original amount deposited Paypal does not make any charges.

Bank Wire withdrawals there is a charge based on the regulations of the Bank where the funding came from.

If you fund using a particular method you will also need to withdraw with the same method you used to deposit. Withdrawals are largely influenced by the previous depositing history and or how recent a particular funding was used.

It is best to learn and know more about the Basics of the Trading Business, available platforms and instruments, session times and other pertinent requirements to trade with GQFX.

MT4 is available in GQFX to choose from and choosing the right platform where you will be comfortable according to the unit you are using is very essential when you do trading. We cannot tell you what is the right or wrong platform because it all depends on the features that you will seek as well as your experience with the platform you will use. Choose the platform provided by GQFX and see for yourself what suits you best.

Trading Conditions

GQFX trading conditions offered to its Clients are competitive in the industry. There is a strong point on the competitive spreads and commissions we provide. We offer our clients MT4 trading platforms that can be used on multi devices that would suit the comfort ability of the clients in order to make trading easier and with wider accessibility to devices.

There are variable Spreads on our MetaTrader4 platforms with quotes coming from Major Banks and top tier liquidity providers worldwide.

GQFX trading hours are based on 24hours and 5.5 days with a 5 minute break from 00:00 to 00.05 server time. Every Friday MT4 stops for 5 minutes early at 23:55 in order to prevent very wide spreads as liquidity providers’ goes offline at the end of each week. Due to seasonal and market factors trading hours may be subjected to change.

If you need help with MT4 you will find how to customize your MT4 according to the platform you are using, which will answer common MT4 issues.

All GQFX MT4 related devices can be logged in by simply placing the Username and Password in order to enter the Secured Client Area. Once the Client has already entered the Client Area it can be navigated easily. It has a very user friendly interface that every trader professional or new will be able to make the navigations.

GQFX clients can change in the Client area however it can also be changed within the platform itself.

Installation of the one click Trading EA

One click Trading EA can be used in your computer. Once installed in the computer it will be ready to use.

MT4 is very popular amongst online traders because of the ease of installing the indicators and expert advisers in it. Mt4 comes with its own automated trading and indicator creators. The indicators can be used in making your own indicator and Expert Advisers as well as the ability to edit existing files.

In order to install custom indicators and EA’s, you will first need to open your MT4 platform. Select file in the top and choose “Open Data Folder.”

If something does not work properly, an error message will be generated. Error messages usually show at the bottom right hand corner of your MT4 platform:

Here are some of the possible error messages that will pop up in your screens.

Invalid Account: means that the Username, password or server that you have entered is incorrect.

No Connection: Invalid account and No Connection are usually one and the same. It signifies that there is a Login issue in your account. This is usually relating to an incorrect username, password or server field being entered.

Common Error: Caused by issues in network connectivity. The problem could be down to your antivirus / firewall or possible even your Internet Service Provider. Unfortunately as there are a lot of reasons that could cause this, it is best to trouble shoot the error by completing the following:

  • Try temporarily disabling your antivirus or internet security
  • If you have another computer, try it on there to rule out a PC issue
  • If you have access to another internet connection, try that.
  • Should you be experiencing an error that is not on the above list of possible error messages, please contact GQFX support.

For more details on the Manual of GQFX kindly refer to the Help Section of the MetaTrader4 Site to earn more knowledge on how to run MetaTrader4 in your respective units.

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