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GQFX introduces CFD to its client through our efficient trading accounts. Clients can now Buy and Sell CFD products as well as forex products.

The GQFX CFD Technology

The GQFX Contract for Difference (CFD) Technology was developed for traders to make large CFD orders that has minimal slip works brining clients the easiest and best trading experience. GQFX provides very low latency executions from a pool of liquidity. It is designed to be known for the development and deployment of an IT infrastructure brining support to the demands of trading applications.

Institutional Traders Optimization

Trade flows are very hard for the part of the Traders thus our technology is designed for the support of Institutional trade flows. Traders who trade with large size accounts in single tickets can place their trust in the strength of our solutions.

We are capable of handling multi fills or transactions where in we can get to sweep large orders through our multi level Liquidity Aggregator.

Why should we trade CFD’s

Wide range of financial markets are composed with mainly forex market, equity market, and interest rates market. Each market affects each other’s market movement. Traders are watching those financial markets and looking for most effective instruments based on their market projection. That is why GQFX starts to provide CFDs besides forex products.

CFD instruments which GQFX offers are major precious metals, and energy products. GQFX

CFD stands for contract for difference. This means traders can follow the market movements with short or long initial position and liquidation. This is following activities to the market movement, but not equal to any ownership for those products. Even with long position, CFD traders don't have any rights to be delivered by settlement. CFD looks like futures market, but this is the absolute different point. There is no cash delivery, or no actual settlement. This is the reason why this market is called as “Contract for difference”

Many traders or many of market participants have, will have, or have had equity portfolio. Then, some of those players use CFD markets for hedging purpose. On the other hand, some players use this market for speculation purpose. As there are several types of market participants there, this CFD market can offer more liquidity, and sometimes more healthy than underlying markets.

The Ultimate in Electronic Trading

GQFX has terminals that are directly available for its CFD’s. Multiple trading accounts are eliminated with these terminals and with that it makes the GQFX trading experience more enhancing.

Our (24/5.5) Client Service team makes sure that you are serviced and guided through in every time zone of the world.

Traders can have one account to trade with the experience of wide range of CFDs starting today only with GQFX.

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