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GQFX accepts Fund deposit from International Banking institutions. Clients can open an account and deposit funds using Base currencies: USD, JPY, EUR and GBP.

Fund by Visa Card
Fund by Master Card
Fund by Bank Wire
Fund by Union Pay
Fund by Neteller
Fund by SKRILL

GQFX has a minimum deposit in the amount of 100USD and does not charge internal fees for deposits and withdrawals. Please note that payments to and from International banking institutions may have transfer fees, which depends on the Banks used by the clients.

For payments using Visa/Master it can only be in the amount of $2500 at a time. Payment is reflected in the MT4 as soon as it is confirmed. Joint accounts payments are accepted provided your name is one of the parties legally attached to the account. This is also the same as to applications with fund coming from Credit Cards.

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