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About GQFX

GQFX is exclusively a Foreign Exchange and Contract for Difference brokerage that gives solutions for trading high enough for professional traders to understand and easy enough for those who are new to Forex and CFD.

Who is GQFX?

GQFX is a trusted regulated broker in Belize. IFSC/60/445/TS/17.
GQFX provides support and assistance to institutions and traders in foreign exchange markets and other related businesses for both of speculation and hedging purposes. GQFX has one of the Industry’s best support service, high-quality trading environment and the use of Straight-Through Processing (STP) system to enable different regions of liquidity a direct access into the foreign exchange market. GQFX trading system is low-cost, efficient and able to provide traders with the most reliable and exclusive support.

GQFX Mission

GQFX primary mission is to protect clients’ funds. GQFX always considers safety of clients’ funds. At the same time, GQFX is committed to provide global top quality trading environment for its valued traders with efficient platform and competitive trading rates.

GQFX Beliefs

  • Safety of Clients’ Funds
  • Provide ultimate services to traders
  • Always practice professionalism
  • Place integrity above all else
  • Never stop being innovative
  • Take each transaction transparently
  • Upholding of the highest ethical standard
  • Diligently comply with regulatory standards and regulations

GQFX Legal Compliance and Regulatory Commission

GQFX is registered as GQ Capital Incorporated, located at #5 Cork Street, Belize City, Belize, Central America where it holds a License granted by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC). IFSC is one of the world leading regulating bodies for companies trading in financial and commodity-based derivative instruments and other securities. GQFX’s IFSC license: IFSC/60/445/TS/17.

Why was GQFX created?

GQFX was created to provide an efficient investment channel to traders around the world. Whether you are a novice, experienced trader, speculator or hedger. GQFX elite team will meet your various trading needs. With advanced technology, GQFX provides you with fast transaction execution, efficient customer service and we are confident that we can bring you the trading experience you required.

GQFX management team is results-oriented professionals and is aware of the importance of efficient trading. GQFX provides the most up-to-date global foreign exchange and related financial markets information and the latest development trend. Professional customer service is designed to allow every trader to experience a near-perfect trading experience. We strive to be the best and regardless of the trading volume, all our clients are treated equally.

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